6 Web Series For Your Inner Superhero

6 Web Series For Your Inner Superhero

These are web series that show us that there are very few respectable professions that don’t somehow involve you wearing your underoos on the outside. Some of these are comedies, looking at the lighter side of the cape, others are as dark as your last trip to Arkham Asylum’s Day Spa and Grill; all of them involve average people doing extraordinary things with the aide of B-grade special effects.

Some of you web series aficionado’s may be wondering why Take 180′s In2uition didn’t make the list. Well, we are trying our best to avoid repetition and it’s already holding its own as one of our favorite supernatural web series.

Drawn By Pain

Summary: The story of a little girl pushed to the utter edge of sanity and the animated demons that are unleashed by her pure rage and fury.

Run Time: 10+ minutes
Genre: Superhero Thriller
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Summary: A Community of young people with extraordinary abilities live in hiding, trying to lead normal lives. A black-ops government Agency is searching endlessly for them, hoping to utilize their gifts for the good of the nation.

As the Agency draws ever closer, this Community must come together in order to preserve their way of life- no matter what the cost.

Run Time: 4+ minutes
Genre: Superhero Drama
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The Defenders of Stan

Summary: Stan is frustrated with being an everyman in a world full of supermen.

Run Time: 5+ minutes
Genre: Superhero Comedy
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Captain Alpha Male

Summary: Meet Captain Alpha Male. He’s a man’s man, Heros hero. He’s about to get the promotion he’s worked his whole career for. Or is he?

Run Time: 5+ minutes
Genre: Superhero Comedy
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Junior League of Superheroes

Summary: Imagine we live in a world where good battles evil … where ordinary people strive to leave their mundane lives and accomplish extraordinary things.

And within that world are six bumbling, wannabe superheroes who have no idea what they’re getting themselves into.

Run Time: 7+ minutes
Genre: Superhero Comedy
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Summary: Chick is a comic drama that uses the superhero as a metaphor for exploring human potential. The web series follows the adventures of Lisa, a woman disillusioned with her life, as she sets out on a quest to realize what she believes is her destiny; to become a superhero.

Run Time: 3+ minutes
Genre: Superhero Drama
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What are your favorite Superhero web series?

  • Oldskool

    Hmmm… now the ommision of The Ennead is even more glaring… Yes it is has many supernatural elements (but was skipped for supernatural series'), but at it's core it is about regular people coming to terms with gaining superpowers. (Oh, and trying to regain their memory, to know whether their destiny is to save OR destroy the world…)

  • sbspalding

    I agree with you, The Ennead should have made the list. It didn't because up
    until that point I hadn't had the chance to screen it. Don't worry though,
    it's made this round of reviews so you'll be hearing our thoughts on it

    Thanks for the comment!

  • The Schemer

    How about the Lost Heroes web series? I hear they're turning their first short into a 4 more webisodes which will equal a 22 minute pilot with more action, fight scenes, and special effects. You can view the original here:

  • http://twitter.com/PoPSJakeJarvi jake jarvi

    Hey, guys –
    Of course I have to throw our hat in the ring here too. Pretty much the same plot as some of these with an audience of 36,000 subscribers currently and working on episodes 6 and 7. Here's a sizzle reel in 52 seconds for The Platoon of Power Squadron.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v