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50 in 50

50 in 50

Bottom Line: Brent’s ability to develop original character sketches is profound, whether you are looking for a laugh or something deeper he has something for you. Also, the profound amount of work he puts into these sketches should be an inspiration to independent filmmakers everywhere.

Put simply, this is the concept: create fifty unique characters in fifty weeks. Each week, I upload a video of said character. That’s pretty much it. It is intentionally being left extremely open-ended, so there are very few rules (I’m not a big fan of rules). That’s half of the project. The other half is I’ll be blogging about my process (how I create each character, how I’m managing with this project, etc), to shed some light into an actor’s process (which most people don’t know a whole lot about, I think). A video may consist of a monologue, an improv, a scene with one or more people (written or improvised), an interview, a music video, whatever. In the creation of characters, again, I’m leaving it wide open (I may even try an impression or two). There are only three major rules:

1. I am never allowed to half-ass it.
2. I have to fully commit to my choices.
3. I have to do it every week.


Cast: Brent Rose
YouTube Channel: 50 in 50
Website: 50in50
Support the Show: Donate To The Show On Kickstarters


RSS Feed: Feed
Facebook Page 50in50


Style 3

There is a mixed bag of comic and dramatic characters here. The upside is that you’re never bored, you can tell that Brent has significant range and he wants to show that off to you. The downside is that some of the characters drag a little. When I say things like “drag” I usually mean that they are boring, but in this case I simply mean that if you view 4 or 5 videos in a row each one will be dancing to the beat of its own drum. If you are used to a more consistent pacing, this might throw you off. (Pacing 4)

Storytelling 4

Polish 3.5

Each sketch comes in at under ten minutes and each one moves at a pretty fast clip. If anything, you’ll wish that he had more time to expand on some of the funnier characters but that’s only until you fall in love with the next one. (Watchability 4.5)

50 characters, 50 weeks and all of them incredibly different. This is a ride and hands over fist better than most of the YouTube experiments you’ll see floating around the Intertubes. (Novelty 4.5)

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆