RGS #7 – Revolution

RGS #7 – Revolution

I know its been a week. I know you should have heard a podcast. I promise you I was gone for a good reason, I’ll explain later.

Either way, a week or two ago I had a chance to talk to Pace and Kyeli of Freak Revolution, a community for people who are going against the grain to change the world. Pace and Kyeli definitely have a strong grasp of how they want to create change in the world and they are using the web to do it.

In today’s podcast you will learn all about,

  • Connection Paradigms
  • The Nature of a Freak
  • Deciding Not To Make Any Money
  • The Monkeysphere
  • What People Value
  • The Control Paradigm
  • The Paradox of Sacrifice
  • An Inconvenient Barter

In case you didn’t know, there are all sorts of ways to subscribe to the podcast on Talkshoe, or you can just click here.

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