RGS #3 – A Strange Little Band

RGS #3 – A Strange Little Band

There is something you might not know about me that’s relevant to this week’s podcast — I used to write really bad fiction. We’re talking really bad, with headless aliens and pink flamingos and magical, flying marmosets sort of stuff. Well because of my illustrious literary career, I have a softspot for writers doing interesting things. Nancy Brauer is one of those writers. She is working with friend Vanessa Brooks on a serialized Sci-Fi novel called Strange Little Band.

What did we talk about?

Without spoiling too much of the fun,

  • Being a boring superhero
  • Making a living doing something you love.
  • Is the creator economy taking over the working world?
  • Should you serialize your content?
  • Some marketing types that we like (Chris, Havi, Maki).
  • Risking that people will dig your tentacles.
  • 1000 true fans
  • Structured drama on the web (Reservation)
  • The importance of feedback

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