RGS #2 – Sometimes You Tape Twice

RGS #2 – Sometimes You Tape Twice

At the end of the first episode of RGS, we had a surprise guest — Michael Wright of Nice Fish Films. Michael is a documentary maker and deep thinker, so it seemed only appropriate that we get him on the show. The result, the episode you are just about to listen to featuring both Miguel and Michael.

What did we talk about?

Without spoiling it, here are a few highlights:

  • Something about the death of media being grossly exaggerated.
  • A few words on how to get the frog out of your throat and find your voice.
  • We talked about our feelings for a bit,
  • Then the joys of being your own press agent.
  • Finally, we tried to decide whether we would rather have big piles of cash, tons of free time or less ADD. The results may surprise you.

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