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You’re The Man Now Dog

You’re The Man Now Dog

Bottom Line: The meme that launched a sea of memes.

YTMND originated in 2001 from Max Goldberg’s original website, “yourethemannowdog.com”, which he registered along with “dustindiamond.com” after seeing a trailer for the movie Finding Forrester in which Sean Connery says the line “You’re the man now, dog!”. Originally, the website featured the text “YOURE THE MAN NOW DOG.COM” drawn out in 3D ASCII text with a sound loop from the Finding Forrester trailer of Sean Connery reciting the phrase “You’re the man now, dog!”. The advent of zoomed text currently on the website was seen in the following months, where the website also featured a photograph of Sean Connery. Goldberg’s new creation inspired others to make similar sites with other movie and television quotations (or any other sound clip they wished to use). At first, Goldberg maintained a list and mirror of these sites, but the list soon became exceptionally long.

In 2004, Goldberg wrote a press release after winning a lawsuit filed by Dustin Diamond for the “fan page” at the aforementioned dustindiamond.com. He mentioned yourethemannowdog.com, as well as a new website, YTMND, that would be ready by April 10. The website opened that day after a rushed coding and design process. The site caught on in popularity and became an Internet phenomenon when major weblogs and Internet forums began linking to the Picard Song YTMND.

Meme Anatomy: Pop Culture, Iconic Catchphrase, Celebrity

Urban Dictionary

A general statement of praise intended for a male. Popularized by the film “Finding Forrester” in which Sean Connery triumphantly and uncharacteristically exclaims that his pupil is now ‘the man’. Subsequently immortalized on the website www.yourethemannowdog.com. One of the most bizarre ‘tributes’ on the internet.


Other Sources

Videos: YTMND

Pictures: YTMND

Meme Strength

Video Search Results: 2,020 – 3
Photo Search Results: 263 – 2
Search Volume: 94,000,000 – 5
Blog Search Results: 2,042 – 2
News Search Results: 63 – 3

Overall [rating:3]

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