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This Is Sparta!

Posted By 93 Studios On October 12, 2009 @ 1:00 pm In Frontpage,Memes | No Comments

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Bottom Line: Images and videos sporting this meme have appeared all over the Internet, like most movie-based memes it was especially popular after the movie’s release and has died off significantly since then.

A parody of Leonidas’ famous line, “This Is Sparta!” From the movie 300. In it, he is justifying what could be considered an over-reaction by calling on the historically no nonsense Spartan culture. It has spread through the internet mostly as Leonidas’ head super-imposed on unrelated images often with slightly modified versions of the quote.

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Urban Dictionary

The greatest cry ever shouted in the history of the universe, only to be shouted directly before delivering a kick to the sternum over a large, seemingly endless pit that has no logical reason for being there but looks really, really, awesome.

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Videos: This Is Sparta! [5]

Pictures: This Is Sparta! [6]

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Video Search Results: 29,400 – 4
Photo Search Results: 109,000 – 5
Search Volume: 4,280,000 – 4
Blog Search Results: 206,000 – 4
News Search Results: 10 – 3

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