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The Bus Uncle

The Bus Uncle

Bottom Line: This is one of those memes that made a much bigger splash in its country of origin (China) than it did on these shores, that may account for its overall mediocre volume scores, nevertheless whenever you have someone caught on tape ranting incoherently to an innocent passerby you have fertile ground for a meme.

“The Bus Uncle” is a Cantonese video clip of a quarrel between two men aboard a bus in Hong Kong on April 27, 2006. While the older man (Chan), who came to be nicknamed the Bus Uncle, scolded the man seated behind him (Ho), a nearby passenger used his camera phone to record the entire incident to provide evidence for the police in the event of a fight.

It gained international attention for raising questions about civic awareness and cultural mores.

Meme Anatomy: Vaguely Foreign, Overreactions

Urban Dictionary

A grumpy middle-aged man who became an instant celebrity when a video of him ferociously scolding a fellow young bus passenger became a hit on youtube.com. The young bus rider tapped the middle-aged man on his shoulder to request him to keep his voice down while talking on his cell phone. The man reacted vehemently and scolded the young man. The process was filmed by a 22-year-old man with his cell phone and the 6-minute footage was posted on youtube. As of now, the video has accumulated over 2 million hits and the phrases used by the middle-aged man – ‘You face pressure. I face pressure’ and ‘Not resolved yet. Not resolved yet. Not resolved yet.’ – have become the hottest catchphrases in Hong Kong. Newspapers around the world have reported this phenomenon. [link]

Other Sources

Videos: The Bus Uncle

Pictures: The Bus Uncle

Meme Strength

Video Search Results: 1,350 – 3
Photo Search Results: 7,390 – 3.5
Search Volume: 40,700 – 2
Blog Search Results: 12,200 – 3
News Search Results: 103 – 4

Overall [rating:3.1]

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