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Bottom Line: As we may have mentioned before, the Internet loves cats. It really, really loves cats. LOLCats is a classic meme that is still running strong. Combine a picture of a cat doing something silly with an adorable broken English catch phrase and you have an instant meme.

A lolcat is an image combining a photograph, most frequently of a cat, with a humorous and idiosyncratic caption in (often) broken English—a dialect which is known as “lolspeak” or “kitty pidgin” and which parodies the poor grammar typically attributed to Internet slang. The name “lolcat” is a compound word of the acronymic abbreviation “LOL” and the word “cat”. A synonym for “lolcat” is cat macro, since the images are a type of image macro. Lolcats are designed for photo sharing imageboards and other internet forums.

The term lolcat gained national media attention in the United States when it was covered by Time, which wrote that non-commercialized phenomena of the sort are increasingly rare, stating that lolcats have “a distinctly old-school, early 1990s, Usenet feel to [them]“.

Meme Anatomy: WTF [2], Animals [3], Iconic Catchphrase [4]

Urban Dictionary

Hilarious pictures of cats (or sometimes other animals) in cute and/or strange poses with a funny made-up caption. The most popular caption is “I can has cheeseburger?”

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Other Sources

Videos: LOLCats [6]

Pictures: LOLCats [7]

Meme Strength

Video Search Results: 19,000 – 4
Photo Search Results: 3,500,000 – 5
Search Volume: 1,100,000 – 4
Blog Search Results: 180,646 – 4
News Search Results: 308 – 3

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