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Best of the Week 6

Posted By 93 Studios On September 26, 2009 @ 3:00 pm In Best of the Week | No Comments

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In our final BotW of this season we look at ARGs, the history of comics in newspapers and Grace Lee’s American Zombie

Learn Something About ARGs [2]

Learn about Alternate Reality Games, why they are great, why they are terrible and how we can make better ones.

Give Your Heroes Flaws [3]

Everyone loves a good scar.

Make Use Of Ticking Clocks [4]

On adding dramatic elements to your stories.

Learn About Newspaper Comics [5]

With newspapers in dire straits no one ever remembers the comics. Learn about the history of newspaper comics and how they are dealing with the problems the industry is facing.

What Went Wrong? [6]

A lucid look at some of the problems that went overlooked by the newspaper industry.

Citizens As Budding Reporters And Editors [7]

Another segment to add to my all time favorite list. This is a look at the future of citizen participation in media from 1999, before everyone and their 90 year-old Aunt had a blog.

American Zombie [8]

If you have Netflixs you should watch this movie. It’s a look at high-functioning Zombies and the problems of fear, prejudice and misunderstanding. It’s deep.

Zombies As A Metaphor [9]

Speaking of deep, this is an exploration on how Zombies have been used as a vehicle for social commentary.

How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse [10]

This is what it all comes back to anyway so why not?

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