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Best of the Week 5

Posted By 93 Studios On September 19, 2009 @ 3:00 pm In Best of the Week | No Comments

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This week we take a look at J.C. Hutchin’s Personal Effects, the Freedom of Information Act and how to deal with lime-green, Nazi Zombies.

Show Your Character In Pain [2]

People like to see other people in pain. It’s endearing. You should learn to apply this to your everyday life.

Understand Your Personal Myth [3]

A look at personal myths and the art of understanding where your personality fits into the fabric of your stories.

J.C. Hutchin’s Personal Effects [4]

Not only is this a great book, but it’s also a great example of transmedia storytelling. Needless to say, you should read it.

Freedom of Information Act [5]

A quick tour of the Freedom of Information Act for budding citizen journalists in the audience.

Saving Newspapers [6]

A group of clever newspaper people sit down to discuss how they can save themselves from the rising tide of the Internet. A really interesting look at some of the thoughts around what newspapers need in order to survive.

How To Save Your Newspaper [7]

We went this long without mentioning the word “micropayment,” I think it’s about time we get on the ball – don’t you?

The Zombie Hunters [8]

This is a really great Zombie web comic and I wanted to take one more opportunity to encourage you to give it a look.

Zombie Lake [9]

This is to fill the lime-green, Nazi Zombie shaped hole in your heart.

Zombie Sightings Map [10]

Afraid that you might have Zombies in your neighborhood and not even know about it. This Zombie sightings map will let you know for sure.

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