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Best of the Week 2

Best of the Week 2

This week we take a look at stories in video games, interesting ways to get newspaper subscribers and Haitian Zombie laws.

Common Literary Themes

There are between 3 and 40 literary themes that are said to drive every story ever made. No one can really agree on how many there are. We decided the best way to deal with this is to pull together a random set of them and pretend we know what we’re talking about.

Development of Stories in Video Games

A look at video games as a storytelling medium, complete with one of the best videos I’ve seen this week.

Make A Few Different Attempts

We explore the power and importance of doing things over and over again.

What Newspaper’s Need

Advertising, libel and a discussion on what newspapers need to do – circa 1890.

On Obtaining Subscribers

Let’s say that you are a newspaper that is looking to collect a few more subscribers in 1880. Sure you can give out a sewing machine like some sucker, or you can just convince every woman in town not to marry anyone not subscribed to the paper.

Newspapers Must Keep Content Free

The President of NPR explains why it is so unlikely newspapers will be able to pull themselves out of the muck by charging for their content online.

World War Z

Max Brooks is a hero to us all. This is the story of his trip into the field and how he risked life and brain to bring us real-life stories from the Zombie Apocalypse.

Zombie Types

Are you still confused by whether that decomposing fellow you saw down the street is really a Zombie? Well, this segment will make it a whole lot easier to identify the different species of the undead.

Haitian Zombie Law

There is actually a law on the books in Haiti to prevent the creation of Zombies. I am absolutely serious about this.

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