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Best of the Week 1

Best of the Week 1

This week we take a page from M Night Shamalyan, we recall a time when newspapers used to be fun and we find out why Zombies don’t run.

Jungian Archetypes

You can’t consider yourself a master of stories until you take the magical, mystical tour through famed psychiatrist and lover of extended metaphor Carl Jung. Learn about his archetypes and how they can be interpreted through literary tradition.

Be Careful With Twist Endings

You know those movies that drag on for about three hours, building up some vague expectation in your mind that weird neighbor Tom has to be the killer only to pull out the alien conspiracy in the last three minutes? Yea, we hate them too.

Raise Questions In The Mind Of Your Audience

I wonder what this one could be about. I guess you’ll just have to click through to find out. Clever, right? You see what I did there?

Can Design Save Newspapers?

Famed Polish newspaper designed, Jacek Utko certainly thinks it can’t hurt and I for one agree.

Yellow Journalism

Remember when newspapers still tried to have fun with what they did? Sure some might argue that headlights like, “How Babies Are Baked” have questionable journalistic quality but I for one would read it.

Newspaper Advertising Expenditures

Sometimes we find a lots of numbers and need to throw them together into a segment. This is a fine example of just that. Learn about the decline in the newspaper advertising revenue.

Why Zombies Don’t Run

Just because it’s a drooling, slobbering corpse doesn’t mean that it has to be a Zombie. Find out why Zombies don’t run from the master, George Romero.


Before Lord of the Rings Peter Jackson made movies like this.

Dellamorte Dellamore

This is one of the more entertaining Italian Zombie films I’ve ever come across. Scratch that, this is one of the most entertaining Italian Zombie films I would actually consider a film.

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